Mukwaya wants biotech law passed

By Irene Nabusoba

THE biotechnology law should be passed to maximise agricultural production, Hajat Janat Mukwaya, the Minister of Agricu-lture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, has said.

Mukwaya, who has just returned from the annual Bio Vision Forum for Scientists in Leon, France, said a resolution had been passed for every nation to increase agricultural production to feed the projected 19 billion people in 2020.

She said the minister of Finance should speed up the passing of the biotechnology law to facilitate the development of technology and its related aspects.

She said agricultural research, genetic engineering, improved seed varieties which enhance production, are governed by that law.

Mukwaya recommended that government sends agricultural scientists from the National Agricultural Research Organisation for the next meeting in Egypt to be called Bio Vision Alexandria.

She said market infrastructure is the biggest problem leading to famine in Uganda and urged the ministry of trade, tourism and industry to link productive and non-productive areas to address the problem rather than declaring that there is famine.

Mukwaya asked government to set an extent at which the country should export agricultural produce under the proposed regional tier.


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