PS Khroda fired

Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki fired the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, last Wednesday.

It is believed Prof Khroda’s firing is linked to the two recent high level international conferences held in Nairobi on Climate Change and Basel Convention in which it is alleged that there was massive pilferage of funds meant to successfully host the events.

According to sources close to the ministry, local delegates, media and business people cried foul when at the behest of highly placed individuals from the ministry, funds were diverted from their intended purposes “ending up in the pockets of a few individuals”.

The sources say, attempts to get help from the PS were fruitless as he was either out of office on ‘official duty’ or in endless meetings.

The recently ended COP 12 was to most delegates a ‘kill’ for the environment ministry officials and Kenyan personnel who covered the event felt betrayed when the PS and unnamed officials either cooked up names or for payment of the Daily Sustaianance Allowance or underpaid the delegates, mostly the local pressmen.

According to grievances from the Press men, whereas they had reliable information for equal payments at about USD600, the PS and COP12 secretariat at the ministry paid the pressmen a paltry USD100.

Observers of the Kibaki’s reshuffle however say the purge at the ministry did not go far enough and should have included COP12 secretariat members, accountants and anyone who participated at the COP12 and COP8 meetings

The sacking news did not indicate where Prof Khroda moves to, but members of NGO feel his removal from the ministry was the best Christmas and New Year gift to environmental efforts in the country.
-Great Lakes


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