Dermatologist says artificial hair triggers baldness

A Congolese dermatologist at the Kinshasa University Clinic (UNIKIN), Dr. Silu Lutatumu has warned that frequent use of artificial hair (meshes, implants, hairpieces) prompts hair loss and consequently triggers baldness.

In a study published in the "Muana Mboka" review entitled "Synthetic fibres: a health-damaging finery", the dermatologist indicates that "when you undo your hair, you can easily notice the presence of hair attached to the fibres".

If the braids are too tight, the nerves of the scalp are irritated, which is painful and often forces hair bearers to scrap their scalps from time to time, with their nails and other objects, opening the door to unpredictable consequences.

The dermatologist reveals another danger, which is the presence of head-lice, causing lesions and abscesses on the surface of the scalp, with serious risks of infections.

Ill-treated meshes, implants, and hairpieces also smell, Dr. Silu said, advising in his conclusions, people not to keep their meshes for a long time and urging them not to exchange meshes or combs with relatives.

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