Flower farms 'poisoning issue' goes to G8 summit

Leaders of the eight richest countries of the world (G8) will soon be hearing from Arusha and they may not exactly like what the people here have to say to them.

Conveying their plights to the 'Get-on-board' bus campaign, which docked in Arusha for three days last week, women here sent a strong message to the G8 summit, set to be held in July, complaining of irresponsible investors especially in local flower farms.

The women lamented of what usually transpires in the flower and horticultural industry, saying their practices are causing, or speeding the deaths of a number of local people through the application of deadly chemicals used for spraying the greenhouse crops.

"Tell those rich nations' leaders that investors from their own countries are killing us here, with poisonous chemicals and it is always the women and unborn children who suffer most!" said one of the women.

They recalled the case of 12 women who collapsed at a local flower farm last year saying those also could have died if they weren't attended sooner.

According to the women, expectant ones working in the commercial flower or horticultural farms, have been found to be giving birth to either premature, dead or handicapped babies.

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