Mozambique – a parched landscape, crying out for rain

One hour is all it would take for Emmanuel to construct an irrigation system to water his small plot of land.

With a tank, a large bucket, some strong poles and a hose, Emmanuel can capture the precious rains that fall from November to April and grow enough food to feed his family all year round.

Emmanuel and his family live in the semi-arid area of Northern Gaza in the Chigubo district of Mozambique.

This district is home to thousands of people who could benefit from drip feed irrigation.

The difference between raindrops that are collected and used, and raindrops that simply wash away, can make the difference between life and mere survival.

Once people can grow crops, not only do they have enough to eat, they can sell any surplus at the local market.

With this income a farmer like Emmanuel can start a small business and even send his children to school, giving them a future.

We've seen this process of transformation happen in other countries in southern Africa, and we know that with your support it could happen in Mozambique too.

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