Traditional medicine men favoured by malaria patients

It has been revealed that about 70 per cent of malaria patients countrywide in Tanzani first seek treatment from the traditional medicine man. 20 per cent of these wholly rely traditional medicines and only a meagre 10 per cent rely on orthodox hospital treatment.

This information was made public on Saturday last weekend by Dodoma Regional Commissioner, Mussa Nkhangaa when closing a meeting which discussed malaria issues organised for district and regional medicinal officers in the country.

The consequences of the current situation are that malaria patents reach hospitals when they are already in a critical stage, putting many lives at danger.

Morogoro Rural and Rufiji districts have succeeded to reduce malaria deaths by 38 per cent by using treated mosquito nets provided by the government.

He called on other districts countrywide to use their resources to make the target of reducing and controlling malaria a success.

Nevertheless, he said, they should continue to educate the public to treat their mosquito parallel with using mosquito coils and applying ointment to keep away mosquitoes.

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