Mokaila calls for increased environmental awareness


Environment, wildlife and tourism minister Kitso Mokaila has emphasised the need to set up awareness and education programmes for the nation to become environmentally conscious.

He was speaking at the National World Environment Day and Keep Botswana Clean Day commemoration in Letlhakeng on Sunday.

The local event was celebrated under the theme: A Conserved Environment: A Better Future while the global theme was: Green cities; Plan for the future.

Mokaila implored the audience to instill into the next generation a sense of environment consciousness, which could only be achieved if parents took the lead in demonstrating the importance of environment.

He, therefore, called for a collective responsibility of all Batswana, as the government alone could not attain the goal.

The minister raised concern about the disregard for cleanliness displayed by Batswana, saying the behaviour calls for vigorous implementation of laws.

As a result of this appalling state of affairs the government has devised numerous policies, laws and programmes that promote environmental sustainability, towards improving management of environmental issues.

In addition, he explained that the ministry was formulating a policy on community based natural resource management to involve the people in the management of natural resources.

For his part, Letlhakeng East MP Gordon Mokgwathi raised concern about Letlhakeng residents failure to take active part in issues pertaining to the development of their village.

The legislator accused the beneficiaries of government programmes such as destitute persons of failing to participate in village activities, regretting that they only want to be spoon fed.

He urged them to change attitude and stand up for the betterment of their future.

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