Calls for uniform Trans-boundary laws

The Africa Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has called for the formulation of uniform trans-boundary laws to curb problems of wild animals and environmental conservation. AWF said this would benefit countries that have wildlife.

Speaking in an interview in Livingstone yesterday, AWF project manager Nesbert Samu said it was difficult to deal with such problems because all the countries had different laws regarding the protection of wildlife and benefiting the people.

Mr Samu said there was need for political will to ensure that wild life and the will of lands endured forever.

"There is need to harmonize the laws so that we protect the animals to benefit the countries with wildlife," Mr Samu said.

He however called for concerted efforts in the protection of wildlife so that the potential remained unspoiled.

Mr Samu urged the local communities to actively participate in the protection of wild life and environmental conservation because they were the custodians of the natural resources.

He said that there was also need to strengthen efforts to ensure a balance between environmental conservation and development.

Mr Samu said it was sad to note environmental conservation was being over taken by developments that were a danger to environmental degradation.

He emphasized the need to conserve the environment because that was where the tourism industry thrived.

Mr Samu said environmental degradation posed a challenge to the development of tourism.

"It is sad to see how the Zambezi water frontage has been eaten up by the so called developments, forgetting the life of the river is being affected," he said.

He bemoaned that the rule of building structures 50 metres away from the banks of the river was not being followed thus affecting the growth of the river.

Mr Samu said such were some of the implications that affected the environment in the name of development.

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