EU, Minerals Commission to Discontinue Mecury Use

The Minerals Commission (MC)and the European Union (EU) will soon come up with new methods to discontinue the use of mercury and other dangerous chemicals in the extraction of gold and diamond in the country.

The EU is assisting the country's mining sector under a support programme in that direction.

It is in line with these and other safe mining methods, that the Minerals Commission has impressed on the EU to come to the aid of the Ghana government and assist the mining sector, including small-scale miners.

This project of the MC and EU would promote and regulate small-scale mining in the country.

The programme is aimed at making the mining sector sustainable. This was disclosed to the Business Chronicle when officials of the MC and EU toured some small-scale mining concessions in the Ashanti, Eastern and Western regions.

The project falls under the small-scale mining support programme of the EU, which is to sustain the Ghanaian mining sector.


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