Herblists give lease of life to HIV/AIDS patients


As the Global community grapples with the magnitude of devastations wrought by HIV and AIDS pandemic, immense efforts have been dispensed in trying to get lifelong cure for the dreaded disease but only minimal headway has been achieved.

HIV and AIDS continue with its relentless march leaving in its wake a huge toll of catastrophe in terms of death, suffering and despair.

The call to rise up and reverse the cruel match of the AIDS pestilence has resonated powerfully of late and medical fraternity is today spending sleepless nights researching on a cure for the modern day plague.

With discovery of Anti retroviral drugs that help tame the intensity of viciousness of HIV and AIDS, the world can cheer on this remarkable stride though much more needs to be done.

The Antiretroviral drugs are known to prolong life of the people living with the virus that leads to AIDS.

The drugs despite their overwhelming popularity are not devoid of several shortcomings as in their exorbitant cost to majority of poor Aids patients especially in Africa who can ill afford them.

The Antiretroviral are also said to cause serious side effects on Aids patients and therefore are not the Alfa and Omega of treating Aids patients.

Herbal medicine that is devoid of the said shortcomings of conventional Antiretroviral drugs is proving to be a viable alternative.

Lately, seasoned herbalists in Kenya have risen to the Challenge of Aids pandemic and are at the forefront administering herbal drugs to the patients.

The popularity of herbal medicine in attending to HIV/AIDS patients is so profound today that even Medical authorities like the WHO have recommended their use in treatment of HIV/AIDS.

The herbal drugs are very effective in treating HIV opportunistic infections and are devoid of any side effects in the body.

The herbal drugs are endowed with immense potency in reversing the magnitude of attack by HIV Virus in the body.

The drugs have varying chemical components that boost immunity levels in the Aids patients.

They are also rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and have proved thoroughly effective in managing and slowing down considerably the scale of HIV attacks in the body.

Kenyans are now turning in droves to herbal clinics seeking treatment to various ailments associated with HIV and AIDS.

At the Tengeza herbal clinic situated on Luthuli Avenue, Luthuli House 3rd Floor, Nairobi: Dr Shariff Mohammed Katana struggles to cope with multitudes of HIV and AIDS patients who flock his Clinic Daily to seek treatment.

Dr Katana who is a seasoned herbalist has an experience spanning over thirty years in the practice. The herbalist was born in Rabai, Kilifi in 1958 by an herbalist Father.

The enigmatic herbalist narrates how he acquired his skills as an herbalist right from birth. He was born at the Kayabamba forest where his mother had gone to fetch firewood.

The Giriama regards the Kayabomba forest as a holy shrine. The forest is endowed with vast botanical treasures that provide bulk of medicinal herbs to the Mijikenda community.

Dr Katana lived in Tanzania with his Father who was then working with the East African Railways and Harbors and used to accompany him to the forest to look for medicine.

He developed a passionate interest in herbal medicine in the heydays of his youth and achieved the full feet when he obtained a Bsc Degree in Botanical medicine at the Makerere University.

Thoroughly equipped with a sound Education and experience with herbal medicine right from his birth, Dr Katana has gone full swing in his practice thereby becoming a household name in Kenya and the whole of East Africa.

The Herbalists travels widely and has penetrated almost every huge forest in Kenya and far away Congo forest seeking herbs endowed with medicinal properties.

His Tengeza herbal clinic is now Twenty-seven years old and has strived to treat thousands of patients coming all the way from Mozambique, East African Countries and the Great Lakes Region with quality herbal drugs whose efficacy in treating a variety of Ailments including HIV and AIDS is beyond reproach.

Though Dr Katana refuses to disclose patents of his herbal drugs for fear of pirating by unscrupulous herbalists and traders, he admits to have discovered a wonder drug that holds possible cure for HIV and AIDS.

For the last fifteen years, Dr Katana admits that he has treated more than a thousand Aids patients who have improved tremendously after taking his wonder drug.

Tengeza herbs Clinic is a beehive of activities any day as dozens of Aids patients flock there seeking answers to their torment and Dr Katana has risen up to the challenge to offer them a lease of hope.

While perusing medical records at his clinic, one witnesses remarkable testimony on the Aids patients who turned up at Dr Katana`s clinic with all the symptoms of full blown Aids but who later recorded drastic improvement after taking the wonder drug dosage after one to two months.

The HIV and AIDS patients who visits Tengeza herbal clinic usually have a very low CD4 count. After being administered with the wonder drug, the patient’s CD4 count rises up tremendously to reach the normal range of 410-1590.

Katana`s drugs are prescribed in either liquid, powder or in tablets form. He mostly prescribes one tablet or one spoonful liquid drug per day to patients but those having severe cases are prescribed twice dosage a day in a record three weeks after which a marked improvement is witnessed.

The Tengeza herbs clinic is well equipped and neat like any other medical facility. About ten well-trained assistants man it.

As Dr Katana struggles to cope with hundreds of Aids patients who visit his clinic daily, the challenge of manufacturing enough stock of drugs to meet the overwhelming demand of these patients, has sometimes stood in his way.

He manufactures the drugs himself and lacks technologically advanced facilities that can enable ease the work load.

The herbalist appeals to the Government, Donors and other like-minded individuals to chip in with a gesture of goodwill and offer him any form of assistance that would enable him obtain the necessary equipment to process large stock of drugs to meet the overwhelming demand of the HIV an AIDS patients.

Dr Katana has earned for himself medals of recognition from reputable institutions like Nairobi University School of herbal research, KEMRI and various herbalists associations in the African region.

His drugs are fully certified by regulatory agencies and have passed the test of being thoroughly effective in treating a number of maladies.

The herbalist admits that he is fully committed to the challenge of attending Aids patients and that the passion in him to offer them a lease of life cannot diminish under whatever circumstance.

The beaming faces of about a dozen HIV and Aids patients lining up to see Dr Katana attests to the fact that he has given them a ray of hope at a time most of them were on the brink of despair and death.


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