Men still reluctant on HIV testing


Men are still not testing for HIV/AIDS in large numbers despite the efforts of the HIV/AIDS Mens Sector Committee and other organizations to encourage them to do so.

This also became clear on October 26 at the beginning of a campaign organized by the North East District in Masunga and during which 39 public employees tested 23 of who were women.

This further demonstrated mens reluctance to go for testing as has become clear in the rest of the country.

However, the North East District AIDS Coordinator, Susan Mpe, told BOPA that the campaign has been successful after many officers turned and queued up to test.

But the late arrival of Tebelopele Testing and Counseling officials led to a small number of officers testing after the rest went back to their offices to continue with their work.

She stated that a large number of officers turned up early for testing but ended up giving up after Tebelopele officials arrived too late in the day.

All in all, many hope that the war against HIV/AIDS would eventually be won given the collective support of officers from across the public service.

Further testimony of this is that issues related to HIV/AIDS are now openly discussed and dealt with by most Batswana without fear or being held back by traditional beliefs and culture. The campaign, which started on October 26, ended on October 28.

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