ICT vital for learners

The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in secondary schools is vital for the country’s development.

The remarks were made in Dar es Salaam yesterday by Engineer John Kijazi, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development at an awareness seminar on the use of ICT in the education sector and its awards to secondary schools.

Kijazi said ICT has potential for knowledge and has benefits to the entire society as it is a cross cutting issue in the same way as it is for environment, HIV/AIDS and Gender issues.

He said the aim of the seminar include among others, creating and raising awareness on ICT to students, teachers, parents and the general public.

’’ICT plays an important role, not only in building an informed and knowledgeable society, but also contributes to social economic growth as it facilitates other sectors of the economy to function efficiently and effectively,’’ the PS elaborated.

He added that ICT is vital for good governance, democracy, poverty reduction, transparency and efficiency.

According to him, when properly used, ICT services empower people to be able to share and exchange information, knowledge and experience which serve as tools for facing challenges of life.

He said ICT equips the society with skills for improving living standards by promoting business interaction through various means such as education, agriculture, medicine, tourism, transport, construction and commerce.

It suffices to say that ICT enhances development, therefore there is a dire need for all of us to promote the use and applications of ICT in our daily life, particularly in the education sector, he said.

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