New ideas are controversial to experts in kinetic energy

Jan Erland Flinta brings light to aged concepts in the world of physics 
in the book, "Kinetic Energy, the Driving Force of our Universe." 
Based on the Maxwell theory for electromagnetic fields and Einstein's 
principle of relativity, Flinta explores how outdated concepts 
shouldn't apply to the world of kinetic energy.

Flinta explains that the big bang theory isn't as complicated as 
some may think, and that the nature of gravity is using the 
electromagnetic principle to present the physical nature of gravitation. 
Flinta says this isn't in opposition to what is known in the present
day because there aren't any acceptable ideas as to what gravity is.

The scientific production for Flinta's guide is presenting the 
basis for calculation of kinetic energy being the electromagnetic 
field energy of electric charges in motion that constitutes it. 
Flinta also highlights that the principle of kinetic energy is the 
ground for presentation of a new theory of gravity.

After being inspired 15 years ago by the contrast of speeding 
cars, Flinta says this was the driving force behind the 
creation of the book. 
The author hopes that readers who don't understand the concept of 
kinetic energy will be encouraged to educate themselves on the 
subject, and to open the minds of others who know about it.

"The ideas presented might influence them to start to read about 
these things.
People might judge the old physics in the light of the 
electromagnetic forces contra the old knowledge," Flinta says.

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