World Water week closes in Sweden

The 2012 World Water Week in Stockholm closed today with a "vision" capturing the perspective of young water scientists and professionals on the priorities that must be set now in order to achieve water and food security by 2050.
The vision was developed by a group of young professionals who have been interviewing their peers attending the World Water Week, and through gathering input on social media from those following the conference remotely. 
The team responsible for the Young Professionals' Vision collected views, suggestions and opinions on how to address current food, water and energy challenges.
Together with the ideas that arose from more than 100 sessions, these interviews and written inputs from junior rapporteurs and the young scientific programme committee, the Youth Vision emerged as a consolidated output. 
According to many who contributed to the formation of this vision, this exercise provided them the opportunity to voice their opinions and present their views on how to solve the water and food security challenge.

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