Africa Rural Connect Launches Second Chance Contest

Africa Rural Connect, announced Saturday a new contest designed to give a “second chance” to past submissions. The Second Chance Ideas Contest launches on Sept. 15 to Nov. 30 and all submissions must be a “remix” — or improved version — of an idea submitted to Africa Rural Connect over the past three years.
“Since starting Africa Rural Connect in 2009, we’ve read through hundreds of ideas on how to help rural African farmers, but we’ve only been able to recognize a select few as winners of past contests,” said Erica Burman, director of communications for the National Peace Corps Association. “The Second Chance Ideas Contest is a way for us to go back over those submissions and find the hidden gems we may have overlooked.”

Entries will be judged on how well the proposal could help rural African farmers as well as the creativity and improvement of the remix. 

The best remix will win $2,500, with another $500 going to the person or group who submitted the original idea, while the second best remix will win $1,000, with another $250 going to the person or group behind the original submission. 

“One of the goals of Africa Rural Connect is to encourage the kind of collaboration and creativity that is crucial to solving the problems of rural Africa’s farmers,” added Burman.

“This new contest is a great way to encourage that kind of thoughtful interaction and it just makes sense. We all want to give Africa’s farmers another chance, so why shouldn't we do the same for our contestants?”        

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