Farmer group opposed to WHO over tobacco growing plans

The Tanzania Tobacco Cooperative Apex Limited (TTCA) has opposed World Health Organisation (WHO) plans to regulate tobacco growing.
 The group, representing more than 100,000 tobacco farmers said the recommendations would put more than 0.5 million farmers in the country out of  jobs.
 TTCA chairman, Mr Julius Masongo also alleged that the WHO has failed to consult over its new plans.
“The WHO has consistently refused to listen to tobacco growers in drafting the proposals that directly impact Tanzania’s farmers. By doing so, they act like a blind man driving a steamroller without paying any attention to the consequences of their folly. Now is the time for governments to act and oppose these draconian measures,” Mr Masongo said.
The WHO recommendations seek to ban minimum support prices and leaf auctions, restrict production by regulating the seasons in which tobacco can be grown.It also recommends reduction of the area allocated for tobacco farming as well as banning financial or technical support for tobacco farmers.

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