Kenya: Modern technology to capture data

By Cheki Abuje

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has embraced the use of modern technology to improve its data capturing techniques, a senior statistician has disclosed.

Speaking in Busia County, Mr. Benjamin Avasivwa, Kenya National Bureau of statistics micro-economic statistics expert said the government of Kenya has now moved from paper data capturing to digital data capture, analysis and dissemination to match the rest of the world.

The expert observed that modern technology data capturing techniques will greatly improve on accuracy as well as time saving for rapid county and National socio-economic development.

He added saying, the agency has shifted focus to hand-head devices that include use of tablets, laptops and other technological gadgets to capture field data. This technology provides a conducive platform for better analytical system of gathered data.

According to Busia County Commissioner, Mwongo Chemwanga, statistics is an important tool for planning to predict both current and future development of a Nation.

The Commissioner lauded Kenya National Bureau of Statistics for use of modern technology in capturing of data, saying this will ensure high degree of accuracy for better National planning and enhanced development at the County and National level.

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