New durable jikokoa launched on the market

On March 15th, BURN Manufacturing will release the 3rd generation of the clean burning jikokoaTM.  The improvements in BURN’s new jikokoaTM focus on increased durability and an improved cooking experience.  The improvements result in a jiko that lasts twice as long as the second generation jikokoaTM and 75% longer than any other jiko on the market.  The jiko also allows customers to cook on larger sufurias with new larger pot supports.

Over 80 percent of Kenyan people live on less than 200 Ksh a day and spend as much as 40,000 Ksh a year on charcoal for cooking.  BURN’s new model jikokoaTM – or “saving stove” in Swahili – reduces charcoal use by 60 percent, and produces 64 percent less smoke.  The new jikokoaTM will retail for 3990 Ksh and saves households up to 18,000 Ksh a year.

Since 2013, more than 133,000 Kenyans have bought a life-saving jikokoaTM.  On BURN’s decision to launch the 3rd model jikokoaTM, BURN’s GM Boston Nyer said: “Cooking must not bankrupt you. Our mission is to give Kenyans a superior product – the jikokoaTM does that by cutting charcoal use and saving consumers money while improving their air quality.”

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