Climate Change: PACJA to host Governors Conference

The Council of Governors (CoG), the County Assemblies Forum (CAF), the Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), among other partners, are meeting in one-day National Conference in Nairobi, Kenya  to take stock on the progress so far reached in the implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions NDCs, with specific focus on the devolved units of governance.
The Conference will be held as a pre-event of the seventh edition of the Climate Change and Development in Africa Conference (CCDA-VII) which will also be taking place in Nairobi on 10 – 12 October 2018.
The National Climate Governance Conference is part of PACJA-supported activities under its main Project, which seeks to support the effective implementation of the Paris Agreement through mass mobilization and awareness creation across Africa.
It also builds on the work being spearheaded under the Angaza Project, whose main goal is to strengthen civil society networking for enhanced and proactive engagement in the national climate change governance processes.
On their part, the CoG and CAF are conducting sensitization activities and mainstreaming climate change into weather-sensitive sectors in the counties under CIDPs, through legislation and programmes.
The CoG Committee on Environment, Water and Energy works with various partners to ensure key policy; legal and programmatic aspects of the national government are devolved in county actions.
According to Mr Mithika Mwenda, the Secretary General of PACJA, the overall objective of the conference is to strengthen climate governance for enhanced implementation of NDCs in the context of Vision 2030. Specific objectives are:
1. To bring together key stakeholders to exchange information, share experiences and perspectives on the implementation of climate actions at the County and community Levels
2. To provide participants with learning and interaction opportunity accorded by CCDA-VII which brings together diverse participants from across the continent and globally

3. To identify and agree on the action agenda for each stakeholder, in the short-and longer term in the implementation of NDCs and NCCAP-II

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