Kenyan town cited as leading Lake Victoria pollutant

By Henry neondo

KISUMU city, Kenya's third and largest town was named as a leading pollutant of Lake Victoria catchment basin.

The senior scientist at the Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme (LVEMP) Simon Agembe, said Kisumu had been established as a leading pollutant through the conventional sewerage treatment works.

Agembe, who is the manager of industrial and Municipal effluents control, said the treatment works had been absolute for some times and was at the moment releasing raw sewage into the lake through Kisat River in the outskirts of Kisumu.

He said that there were other industrial sources in Kisumu that had been contributing towards pollution of the lake.

Agembe was speaking at the ongoing LVEMP second annual scientific conference at the Tom Mboya Labour college in Kisumu.

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