Waste management Act, strategy put in place


The Waste Management Act and with the National Waste Management Strategy have been put in place for the promotion of human health, and environmental protection such as water, soil, air and biodiversity.

They are also meant for the protection of natural resources such as raw materials and energy.

Addressing a media workshop on waste management and pollution control in Botswana, Moneedi Kgweenyane, a senior official in the Compliance and Enforcement Division of the Department Waste Management and Pollution Control, said that the strategy embodies principles of prevention, polluter pays and co-operation.

He said in addition, the strategy has also adopted the internationally accepted waste management hierarchy of reduction, reuse and recycling.

The main objectives of the strategy are to minimise and reduce waste in industry, commerce and private households, maximising environmentally sound waste reuse and recycling.
It is also aimed at promoting environmentally sound waste collection, treatment and disposal.

Kgweenyane said that the Waste Management Act provides for planning, facilitation and implementation of advanced systems for regulation of controlled waste, adding that it also provides for application of the Basel Convention in the regulation of trans-boundary movement of hazardous waste and their disposal.

Kgweenyane said his department provides policy direction and leadership in matters of sanitation waste management, to enhance sectoral co-ordination through the development plans and programmes and to provide guidance.

Others include instituting public awareness campaigns for effective communication, and promote human resources development and institutional capacity within the local authority for effective sanitation and waste management.

He added that some of the function include registering and licensing waste management facilities and waste carriers, restrict or prohibit waste management operations that threaten to pollute water resources and to initiate inspection of land to guard and guide against pollution.


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